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Who we are

Corporate Legal is a small commercial practice with a solid client base extending from family businesses through to medium sized companies. We are committed to providing start-up, small to medium sized enterprises with highly responsive commercial solutions to legal problems.

The key to our client philosophy is accessibility. Experience has shown that if involved at an early stage, we are able to influence matters positively by identifying areas of risk and providing practical solutions. In this way we provide a comprehensive legal service to small and medium businesses and to private clients who require a personal service.
We are dedicated to our clients' success. That means we have to understand their business. We have exceptional legal experts in all aspects of commercial, business, and corporate law; accordingly we combine our business acumen with our legal skills to provide sensible business advice and practical guidance.

Why our clients choose us

  • Free 24 hour legal help line
  • A highly competitive cost structure. Traditional overheads such as office space have been dispensed in favour of state of the art technology which means our lawyers can operate from their own home office located close to the client's office. If you need to see a Corporate Legal lawyer they’ll visit you, either at your home or workplace, in fact anywhere that’s convenient.
  • We truly act as an extra department to your business and serve you accordingly
  • Round the clock availability
  • Uncompromising emphasis on the provision of a premier-quality service
  • Approachability and friendliness

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 421989.

telephone:  0845 458 9448